YOUNG XAV is an American recording artist and songwriter from Chicago, Illinois. He’s a representative of the modern musical era by date but not by sound. Although he’s only been making music for a year, the sound is colossal, the approach - timeless. Having lived in a household with a DJ for a father, musical aptitude is embedded in his DNA. Most people plan their music career but XAV’s reeks with serendipity, after one day randomly deciding to reach out to some producer friends, booking a session in Milwaukee, and recording his first song “Summer Love” which would amass thousands of streams upon its first day of release.



The release of his debut EP Beside the Dying Fire in February 2018 marked the genesis of what will be one long and fabled career. In the process of creating the EP, he released “The Villain” and “Working” as singles. Both records garnered unanticipated traffic in the thousands on SoundCloud, a healthy foreshadow of the full-length projects approaching success. With a growing fan base hailing from California all the way to France it’s evident that his sound transcends through cultures, area codes and time zones.



YOUNG XAV's innate ability to cultivate sound and bend frequencies rest perfectly next to his ardent desire to tell his narrative to the world. His music bleeds with intensity, diary-like reflections, wicked lyrical capabilities and fitting production. More than an MC, XAV represents musical creation, inception, diversity, versatility and expansion.